SC Works

SC Works is your source for job seeking tips!  This site is maintained by the SC State Library.  Check out 8 ways SC Works can help you in your job search.

1. You can use the online job search section to find employment throughout the state.

2. Research and identify the skills needed to for the jobs you want within the Career Services Section.

3. Use Education Services to find schools and training providers.

4.  Use the Job Seeker Services to create a resume, cover letter, search for employment, and look at jobs that are trending in South Carolina.

5.  Use Veteran Services to find local, state and federal resources for veterans.

6. Use Senior Services  to find full time and part time work, retirement costs, federal benefits programs, Medicare and wellness programs.

7. Use Youth Services; find volunteering opportunities, employment advice, and career and military information.

8. Use the Labor Market Information to find out the highest paying, the lowest paying, and up and coming jobs across South Carolina.






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