Giving Thanks for November

Greetings Upstate (and World Wide) Readers.

The SCPL Employment Resources Blog is back!

Exciting News coming out of the month of November.  It seems our Turkey Month was a good month for people getting back to work.  The state (SC) and county (Spartanburg)  unemploment rates dropped.  For more information on that, please read:

While that’s good news for me (I was hired in November) and other folks that were fortunate enough to find and get work, it won’t feel like great news until more of you (looking for jobs) find similar success.

In the upcoming months we will be looking to offer employment related classes.  In order to better guide what we’ll offer, we are putting out a survey after Christmas.  The survey will allow you, the patron, a chance to tell us what you think we should be offering and when we should be offering it.

The surveys will likely be located on the top floor of the main library in the internet and reference desk areas and on the main floor at the information desk.

Try to enjoy the holidays.  We are looking forward to working with you and local resources in order to not only help our unemployment rate fall farther, but help people figure out what and find the job they want.

Until next time…



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