Another way to search for local jobs…

Good Morning UpState/SCPL Business and Employment Blog Followers.  (We’re gonna need to think of a way to shorten that, maybe UpS/SCPLB&EBF…no, still pretty long.)

Okay, so if you’re like me, after about 20-30 minutes of scrolling for jobs on sites like Monster, Indeed, Careerfinder, We’ (I hope that’s made up), etc., you get burnt out and probably depressed.  Maybe it’s just me.

Well, I’ve got another site for you to scroll through.  (Please contain your excitement).  I’m still early on in exploring it, but provides a search feature to look for jobs within specified counties.  The route to get there takes a couple clicks from their home page (start:, hover over: labor market info., click: Labor Market Home,  goes to:, click: Labor Market Home, hover over: area profile, click: area summary, select county, click: continue,  scroll down to jobs data, click: click here for jobs (here it shows you how many jobs are supposedly available in that county), click the radius of miles from that zip code that you’re interested in, you can put a key word in for the job type you’re interested in (or leave it blank to see all the jobs), click: search) and BAM!!, another way to see what’s available in your area.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that quick to get to, but here’s a link to start from the “select a county” spot:

That will save you a couple clicks.

One of the nice features about this site is that you can organize the results based on the tabs at the top.  (For example, you can organize by date, putting the most recent post first, or by salary, putting the highest paying job first.)  Searching by job type/keyword is good to, so you can limit the results to what you’re qualified for, experienced at, or interested in.

Be a little wary of some postings though.  Just because the site says there’s 3000 jobs available in Spartanburg County doesn’t mean there actually are.  Some may be filled or some companies may be accessing the job market here to pull for jobs somewhere else, or any other number of reasons.  If the job sounds right for you though, don’t be afraid to look into it more.

Alrighty, that’s all for know. 

Happy Searching.



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