BMW Expansion

Happy Friday UpState….wait wait, it’s still Thursday.

With this good news it certainly feels like it should be Friday!  BMW announced a $900 million expansion of its Spartanburg plant.  They are looking to increase the capacity of their plant over the next three years.  This will mean an increase in construction and manufacturing jobs.  Their current estimate is a gain of 300 jobs.

That is very exciting news.  However, that does not mean they are opening their doors to 300 new employees immediately.  As construction progresses and manufacturing ramps up they should start adding jobs.  That said, if you’re looking for a job with BMW, get to their jobs website:, create a profile, upload your employment, schooling, and contact information and keep coming back to the site to search for jobs.  They will post them as they need them, so it will benefit you to check back frequently.  In the mean time, if there is a particular job or type of job you’re interested in, make sure you are qualified for it.  If you are, great, keep at it and try and gain more experience that can be applied to it.  If you are not, look into what you need to do to get qualified and gain applicable experience for it.

More information on BMW’s announcement can be found at:

Good luck and Happy Searching Everyone!


ps.  if you are at the headquarters library this week or next and haven’t done so yet, please fill out one of the Employment Resources Surveys (located at the Main Floor Information Desk and the Third Floor Reference and Internet/Periodicals Desks).  They will help us figure out how to better help you all.


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