..the SCPL Employment & Business Resources Blog isn’t always going to just talk about the happy side of employment.  Layoffs, hiring, closures happen and it’s one of our roles to help you prepare and get past these things.

I visited the State’s Layoff Notification Report (http://www.workforcesouthcarolina.com/media/Layoff/2012_01_january_layoff.pdf) and Spartanburg is taking a few hits.  The Layoff Report is set up so the state can be better prepared to help the affected employees.  If the numbers are large enough at a particular company the state activates their rapid response team to help employees find government assistance and new work.

The January notification reported the layoff/closure dates and number of employees effected at the following businesses:
Extended Stay (6/1/12–Closure-98 people)
2 Food Lions (2/15/12–Closure-totalling 70 people)

For those of you looking for help finding a new job, the SC Works center at 145 N. Church St., BTC #88 and at the Goodwill Job Connection at 300 Dawn Redwood Dr., near the eastside Walmart, can be good spring boards for resume help, job search, and possibly career direction advice.

Additionally SCP Libraries will begin offering a new Job Search Class and Resume Class.  The job search class will spend time looking at useful job search techniques and valuable websites for help in the process.  The resume class will compare the different types of resumes and show you how you might structure yours.  Both classes will allow time for you to work on either searching for a job or working your resume.  Classes will be limited to the first 12 people that show up.  There won’t be any cost or registration.  After the instruction, the instructor will move from student to student, trying to help and answer questions as he goes.

Good Luck with whatever comes your way!

Take care,


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