Bonus Resume and Job search help

Happy Thursday UpState.

Soooooo…many of you have already read one of our recent postings, highlighting dates for your Job Search and Resume classes at the SCP Libraries-HEADQUARTERS.

If you liked that, you are going to love this:  patrons are now able to, by appointment, schedule a one on one meeting to help edit, build, create a resume and/or look for jobs.  Right now I only have an outline for how this will work, but definitely the rules are up in the air and are likely going to get switched out as this develops.
Generally, here’s how it will go:
      1) Patrons must schedule an appointment with Parker (me/our Employment Outreach Liasion)
      2) I will try to work with each individual to figure out a date that will work best for you and me, but there will be no guarantee of a meeting if there isn’t enough forewarning to align our schedules
      3) At least for now patrons will be limited to one individual session per month (but are welcome to attend any or all of the library resume and jobsearch classes in addition to their one session)
      4) Sessions will be limited to 1 hour
      5) Patrons will need to contact me either via email ( or in person (initially) (most days 3rd floor Headquarters library reference area 9-5, I can be reached in person.) Please leave your phone number so I can call you back.  I do not have a dedicated work phone, so it really isn’t practical for you to call me.
      6) Rules may be changed at any moment, this is pretty free-flowing right now.

I am excited to help Spartanburg find and get some jobs!

Have a good one.



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