Resume and Job Search Class Dates–June

Greetings Upstate,

I told you they were coming…

Here are the June dates for the resume and job search classes.

Monday June 4:  Resume 12-1
Wednesday June 6: Job Search 3-4
Wednesday June 13:  Resume 9-10
Thursday June 14:  Job Search 9-10
Thursday June 21:  Resume 11-12
Friday June 22:  Job Search 9-10

The job search class is designed to be a basic introduction to a variety useful job finder websites.  This class begins with an overview of the various ways of going about finding a job, including success rates of job seeking approaches v. other methods.  The majority of the first half of the hour long class is spent demonstrating the job search websites capabilities and limitations.  The second half is mostly dedicated to helping patrons familiarize themselves with the material and helping them actually look for jobs.

The resume class is designed to help people create, edit, and improve their resume content and appearance.  For the most part we will either be creating resumes based off of examples distributed in class or from the templates available on Microsoft Word.  The first portion of class will be a brief overview of the different types of resume styles.  From there the instructor will help students decide which format is best for them.  The majority of class time will be spent creating resumes.  The instructor will bring floppy disks so students can save their work (if they can’t email it to themselves or don’t have a Thumb drive.)

Students are not required to register for either of these classes, but those interested in taking the resume builder class must bring their completed SCPL Resume Class-Personal Reference Sheet (which can be picked up at the reference desk at the head quarters library.)  If students are unable to pick up a copy of the personal reference sheet they should bring in all of their work, school, and employment history.  They should come with names, dates, addresses, phone numbers, including all of their reference information.  Students should come with a list of skills (acquired through previous work responsibilities and school) and a few (4-5) positive statements/sentences describing their skills, work experience, capabilities, and attitude.  If students have an old resume they can feel free to bring that in as well, but that should not substitute for the list of skills.  They need to be sure the contact information in their work history and for their references are accurate.

All classes will be held in the computer lab on the bottom floor of the headquarters library.
We hope to see as many people as we can there.
Remember, there is no registration (or cost), but space is limited to the first 12 students.
Have a great day and a great weekend.


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