Amazon ready to hire in Spartanburg

Greetings UpState.

So, you may or may not have heard that Amazon is going to be opening a warehouse/distribution center in Spartanburg.  The Herald-Journal wrote about the job openings and process in today’s paper.

To read that article go to:

To go to the website that Amazon has created for applying to its Spartanburg and West Columbia job openings, go to:

Job seekers will most likely need an active and accessible email account.  It looks like the job seeker can upload a resume (the website will extract the application information from the resume, but the user will still need to check and edit to make sure the questions are answered correctly) or go through the online application process.

Aside from contact information and work and education history there is an ethnicity section, a background verification section and a signature page.  The majority of the application time though will be spent on their screening assessment.  I did not take it myself, but Amazon estimates it will take applicants 30 minutes to fill out.

Good luck job seekers!




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